multiple problems and complaints

I've downloaded this program on my Surface tablet and have had nothing but problems with it. My tablet is more than capable of running it. 


- Invalid Bingo being marked with "X" and 10 second count down on a valid bingo. 

- Last Update glitched the Power ups achievement 

- Server connection error and match not able to start. THIS TAKES MY TICKETS AND COINS FOR POWER BINGOS AND BOOTS ME OUT. DOES NOT REFUND THEM!

- every 20 matches or so I end up in a match that continues until all numbers are called and then stalls indefinitely 

- multiple imaging problems where tabs and buttons don't load. missing Bingo Tab and + button for coins, tickets, etc.

 These issues are NOT due to my connection to the internet. I host multiple session a week on various platforms with no problems. This game is in dire need of fixing and I would appreciate if the theft of my time and resources came to a stop. 


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Please contact me on Facebook via the link in my signature so we can get this resolved. Thanks! :)

problems its crazy I hate to complain but I started a game it called 2 numbers and it said match over well needless to say I lost my coins and tickets after waiting 15 mins to have enough tickets to play and also I used the auto daub had 2 bingos to get and all I got was the dreaded red x there are issues with the game also still waiting for my 155 keys on the France server I like the but these issues kinda makes the game not fun...

I feel since I bought coins I should be reimbursed for my loss.

Excuse me but not everyone uses Facebook. I dont have an account and to receive support for a Microsoft game im using a Microsoft forum and the link given in the support tab for the game. I want these issues addressed and I shouldn't have to have a Facebook account to be heard.

Unfortunately we cannot do anything about reimbursement. You will need to contact Windows Store Support about any purchases which you need to be refunded.

As we have stated, these are known issues and we are working on getting them fixed in the next release.