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HI MAG1K MK II here Help !

Please somebody explain to me the problems I'm Having with my XBOX ONE and with Battlefield 4. I have tried systems cache clears, un-installs, removing account then returning and I've even reset to factory defaults nothing makes a difference. I will start with the simple as there are so many, first of I have a problem with loading the game up and it's an intermittent problem, disc's in the tray, click on the game to start it up skyline artwork pops up then goes back to home screen ? secondly this has only happened once disc was in the tray Xbox didn't register the game at all resolved buy Ejecting then resetting XBOX. When the game finally loads up it sometimes loads me straight into the Multiplayer screen ? and I'd say this has happened maybe 4 or 5 times in 3 weeks since Buying my XBOX ONE, I get a message saying your party as been invited to game I'm not even in a party sometimes not even in the game Itself ? I also cant decline these invites and a couple times upon load up its put me straight into a game. since the update even with open NAT settings can't find hardly any games but this may be due to not having premium yet and I play Hardcore so that could be why. lost my single player game saves twice before and after update not too bothered about that, but there are a few bugs when playing through the campaign, for example, main characters twitching ever so slightly as if I was Online playing with Lag, other characters walking through walls or through the car in the beginning of the Shanghai Level, I have problems with collectibles where I had I'd say collected about half, then lost my Game save, started the campaign again then half way through given the achievement for collecting all collectibles as for some reason it though I'd collected  all and I'd just collected the same half twice ? which to me spoilt the fun I still went on to collect the rest just strange. When I change my Loadouts online sometimes when I come back to the game they have reverted to what I had before I changed them, as for this particular problem I had similar issues with both BFBC's and with BF3 where every time coming back to the game I would have to set up all my menus, all my Loadouts everything frustrating to say the least. Explained some of this to EA seemed to get nowhere same with XBOX support although XBOX support were alot more conducive. All I want is to enjoy this Game on this console without making calls to support and making all this changes and resets somebody help please !


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Getting dashboarded has happened to all of us, the patches have fixed this. If you can't boot the game or have ANY other OS type problems - a console power cycle will fix it

You've got Xbox set to put you directly back into the game (in settings) this is why you're getting booted in MP - sometimes it'll put you in back into the actual server.

Single Player is now fixed for me after the latest patch, got all the achievements with no lost saves. Your problem with lost loadouts is easily fixed don't just turn off your Xbox leave the game to the menu and then turn off and all you stuff will stay.

Delete all updates and download the last one only.

Reset the Xbox One to default settings, and download  the last update, dont worry, is easy and probably work

Normally I don't complain about things like this but that big *** bold font is very irritating to the eyes. FYI, I won't read it because it literally bothers my eyes a little. Good luck getting folks to read your post.