The multiplayer is complete rubbish. The few games I played with a friend were absolutelty horrible. Despite the lag, one game seemed to glitch out. Everyone had no health, and yet everyone was only fixed itself when the game time ran out and another round started. I ranted about it for a few hours to my boyfriend, thats how much it crapped out. It kinda seems like multiplayer was an afterthought - not a very good one, either.


That aside, I bought Tomb Raider for the single player and so far, it's pretty awesome! xD



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That glitch happened to me in free for all was very annoying, as for mp I wouldn't mind it being so rubbish if the achievements  were'nt so bad get to level 60 yeah right never gonna happen lol,

In all honesty there's only a few games that can pull off good mp cod, gears and battlefield the rest like mass effect and Max payne only keep you interested for a few days if that

I have been having fun with MP actually. How do you get the traps? I don't see them in the options anywhere to purchase them.


Traps are environment based, meaning you need to find them within the map itself and active them. Most are great for Cry for Help. If you have the landmine or exploding ammo box unlocked, tossing one of those down on a rope pull and activating it are fun ways to get a quick kill. Other ways could be making your own 'trap' like setting one of them down near the end of the zip lines where most players would drop to. There are spike walls and lightning rods you can activate as well.

Do I need to set the rope trap for the achievement?


there are snare traps on the floor and when you get close it will say press x to set trap, theres 1 on the monastray map on the brigde to ur left if you start as a good guy, or you ca n use LB button to help you find them easier, once set you have to wait for an enemy to walk into it to get the achievement first mp achievement i got.

the hardest for me was the zip-line kill one no one uses them and you bascially need the bow as they seem to just drop when shot with a rifle. another annoying one is the 20 turrent kills as there is only 1 in all the maps and its on the train on the underground map hope this helps

Brandiesel just checked ur achievements another easy one to get in mp is the rope ascende one all you need to do is be a bad guy stand at the bottom of a zip-line when someone starts shooting you jump on zip-line and press x to escape, do this 3x for achievement