I only ever played multiplayer on this game for about a month after it came out, and it was awesome- got into games within a minute or so but now... where is everyone? I've been waiting on a matchmaking screen for about half an hour, no luck :(

Anyone still play this that can tell me the best times to go online?

(Literally as I was about to hit post there, we've just got 6/6 players :L Still not starting the game though?)


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You won't find that many people playing the game much anymore since AC:R is due out and the matchmaking on AC:B is pretty horrid.


Ive played the Ac: Revalation beta on my friends ps3 and it looked madd good different characters

Unfortunately anymore it is hard to find enough players to play anymore I use to play it all the time but as it got harder to find a match the more frustrated I got with it and finally gave up, when I was able to find a match it would be around 10 pm central time

you can play with friends that stil play the game

As everyone else says here, I think that everyone unfortunately does not play AC: Brotherhood Online anymore due to the fact that AC: Revelations is on the way. :P (I pre-ordered AC: Revelations Animus Edition! Yay! XD)

Also there are more players these days either playing CoD or Halo, I don't mind those games but it would be better if more players would play other games than just CoD and Halo. But what can you do? There's nothing we can really do to get gamers to play AC: Brotherhood Online more than CoD and Halo.

As much as I love CoD and Halo, even I would really love to play AC: Brotherhood Online. :( Then again, Battlefield 3 will be out soon and that will have another huge impact for online-multiplayer. I've also pre-ordered Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Edition! Yay! But too many games are coming out during this period of time!! :O Too many games coming out with all these new features and majority of them online-multiplayer, personally I don't think AC: Brotherhood is going to have any players for a long while at this rate. :(

I haven't played in a while but I can only quickly find games in either Manhunt or Wanted.

Kind of stinks because I like Advanced Wanted the best.