Is there anyone beside me that doesnt use a glitch/modd to cheat and never die?

Secondly, why is it that when I am on the mic when I am near or behind people, "Hey I am not going to shoot you I just want to get in the next area.

Respawns in gang matches ect. suck I spawn, they spawn directly behind me and shoot me in the back of the head.

Most times I cant even get out of a city like Armadillo because a posse a d-bags decide they are going to shoot everyone from twin rocks to Coot's Chapel on horses using auto target and the I never die glith/modd.

There are 4 reasons to change multiplayer should I make a 5th?


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west wasnt won by shaking hands.. and by the sound of things it seems that you die every time you say something in MP. if you are looking for a challenge join hardcore, if you are looking to play with toy guns join friendly.

spaghetti westerns got their name from being shot by mostly italians so dosent have much to do with "hollywood" actually

I have a question that has been bothering me if someone can please help with reply. In PVP I know when you run you are seen on the mini map and when you crawl you cant be seen on the mini map, my question is can you be seen if you are jogging (moving around the analog without touching A)?

When you press start and go to multiplayer and it will show your character, title and rank there. It should say press Y to pass into legend. After hitting Y It should ask if you are sure and say yes. You will be rank 1 again and have only the starter guns on you. Any golden guns you unlocked (if you had any) will still be gold when you get them again.

I definitely ragequit more than a few Gang Matches due to invincible players. Not only could they sustain (as stated above) multiple shotgun and/or rifle headshots and keep on ticking, but one grazing shot to my arm (from a good distance away) from a revolver kills me. Then you have the 12 year olds in Free Roam...god help us all

There isn't a level 51. If you get to level 50 you can either stay there or "Pass into Legend" and start afresh from level 1

I came across my first glitcher/modder last night. No amount of head shots would down this one player and even unloading a full semi auto shotgun at point blank range had no effect.

If you want to avoid these low life pond scum griefers then you'll have to play Friendly Free Roam. You still get some, but not as many.

Of course, if it's just XP you're after, just grind your favourite hideouts in a Private session. Not as much fun playing on your own, but you're guaranteed not to run into any troublesome teens.

This game has a high number of griefers in Friendly Freeroam. It seems theres always a group of people on their first legendary rank camping in Armadillo or MacFarlane's Ranch shooting players mounts and trying to knock people on foot over by punching them. I always wonder what makes them so angry at the world. If you fight back they give you bad rep lol sad sad people in this game.

You could go into a friendly free roam so you're not getting griefed.

^i know spaghetti westerns are hollywood if thats what you are asking. there are people who post on the forums that know the difference between glamorized hollywood tales and reality of some situations.

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