Multiplayer With a Guest, Can't Party Chat with Kinect

Hey Everyone,

I have a Turtle Beach X41 and I also have a Kinect.  Been playing online with a friend while in a party with our other friends and for some reason, while I'm in the room and party chat is on the Kinect works...but the second my friend turns on his controller, logs in as guest, and presses "A" to join the game...the Mic on the Kinect stops working.  If he backs out and leaves just me in the room...the Mic comes back.  It's a mic and it SHOULD work but why is it cut off from Party chat?  Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Run the xbox Live connection test.

Are you getting any NAT messages in the results?

Ive always wondered if a splitscreener could even just use another headset? But I think the game will not seperate the two controllers sounds. Basically you will hear noises that your character AND his character hear in game and its a jumbled mess and thats probably even worse with a Kinect.

I can speak from experience that split-screening is terrible.



- You can see 2 different locations of the map at the same time.

- You have someone to coordinate with.



- Harder to see enemies due to less screen space.

- Can't speak to each other through 2 headsets.

- Lags the game more for everyone since it has to process more.

- Sounds from 1 screen can be heard at the same time from another & can "trick" you.

Solution to this is

unplug headset use the kinect :)

i mean seriously  if your friend is trying to use the kinect  you  prob dont have to worry about noise  so why if your split screening  (you must be in the same room) why would you want to talk to each other through mics?

If I were to use the Kinect without my headphones it would pick up everything in the room, including the game itself, causing a feedback echo that would annoy everybody. in the game  I can use my headphones with the Kinect provided I turn off the speakers & run the sound through my headset, but when doing that I can't hear my friend through the headphones & he can't hear the game at all. The solution to this would naturally be to have us both wear headsets. When doing this, we can both hear the game & can hear & talk with other players,we  just won't be able to talk to each other. For some reason, the Xbox doesn't account for not being able to hear the person next to you because you've got something in your ear (the headset) so it doesn't even try to put their voice through the microphone (I guess because they "assume" you'll be able to hear the person next to you. Have you ever tried to listen to someone while wearing a TB X42 headset that's blasting the game in your ears at full volume? It's hard! Personally, I think it's a cop-out on Microsoft's end that needs to be corrected...

^^Yup, Kinect feedback is terrible.