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I own a 2008 20gb Xbox 360 and have recently been running out of memory space for other games so I would like to know if I have to have ALL Battlefield 3 multiplayer updates to play it online or if I could delete some and save some space.  THANKS!


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I believe that you need all three. 16 gig flash drives will cost you little to nothing (got two for like $20 a few years back) and offer an excellent storage option. Other than that you can get a 60gig or 120gig hdd used at GS for 30 or 40 USD, respectively

I just recently had to borrow my sons older system which is the same as mentioned above installed all Mp updates and all is fine....I just didn't install the game to the hdd

There is one named the rent a server update, do I need that one?

You need the Back 2 Karkand update. Rent a server esports and MP update #3

thank you

If you have a USB external hard drive you can use that for storage as well.  But when you plug it in its going to want to reformat it to fats32 so make sure nothing important is on there.  It will then make a partition of 32 gbs for xbox stuff but the rest of the hard drive will still be usable for other devices, just not the xbox.

I got my 32GB flash drive at Super Walmart for $20.

Yes but according to Microsoft the max is 16 for usb storage...