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I cant figure out how to apply my custom skill set for the multiplayer. I'm stuck using the default1, and I don't know what Im doing wrong. I would love any help cuz this is driving me INSANE!


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In order to actually customize your skill sets, you need to level up and unlock non-default classes, i.e ones that are customizable. I think the first one like that unlocks at level 6 but I could be wrong...

I have a a custom skill set  built and saved but i just cant seem to apply it. this is my path

abilities>skill set>my custom. but all i can do is change abilities, set name etc. dont know what im doing wrong.

Whenever you spawn, you can use the D-pad to change your loadout.

also at some point in this version u can eventually turn teh default sets into editable sets

As stated already, use your d-pad as soon as you spawn. I haven't played any multiplayer yet, but have played a lot of wolfpack mode. As soon a the game starts, look at the bottom left corner of the screen. There is a five second clock counting down, and you can cycle through your custom classes by using right/left on d-pad. Or maybe it was up/down.... Don't quite remember. Also, you can switch classes when you respawn.

thanks for the is appriciated

you have to purchase the abilities before applying them to each loadout.

and when your default classes become editable it will run you 1200 credits to set up that class how you want it but like i said you have to purchase abilities before or after making one of your default classes editable.

plan on what abilities you want to buy first.

im really trying to figure out how to help you out.

im assuming its because you havent bought any abilities yet cause after you make both of your default classes editable you still have to buy those abilities that were in you default classes all over again not that any of us purchased the defsault classes in the first place...there just there untill weve made made enough credits to set up things how we want it.