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 i was just wondering how to quit a multiplayer game after it is over as you continue to remain on the game screen, i have been dashboarding out but i was wondering if there was another way to quit without increasing your DNF, or to just have to restart the game if you want to play another mode or Co-OP


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so just be clear, dashboarding increases your DNF, and quiting when the next game starts does not? and when you say quitting before the game starts do you mean once you deploy or quiting before you deploy?

No, you need to quit when the next game starts, i did a couple of dashboarding when the countdown timer was still active. And i have a 10% game quit in my stats.. while i never quitted a game..

wait @madcow wouldn't that increase your DNF %?

I haven't "tested" it our yet bit I believe the time you need to Quit by would be the Count-down Timer (?) of the next round.

You have to wait until you get to the next game, where you pick the classes and you have your gun out. At the point it's just 'Start -> Quit'. Don't know why they don't give you the option in the post-game menu.