Multiplayer lock-on

Twice, I've encountered another player where the left trigger aim function doesn't work, and I've never switched my aiming method.  Any idea why this happens? 


I hit the left trigger to auto-aim and it just snaps to directly in front of my player, rather than snap to the other player.  Both times its happened, I tried it multiple times just to make sure it wasn't part of the usual quirkiness w/ the aiming. 


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What area were you in when auto-aim stops working? If you're near a gang hideout then auto-aim is turned off within the area. So that people doing the hideout don't lock-on to each other.

Oh, thank you, that must be exactly what happened.  I was just about to finish a gang hideout and another player came and shot me in the back.  I couldn't lock on and he escaped after I respawned and tried to get even.  

In the hunting areas and gang hideout locations the auto targeting will disengage, so if you run into another online player near those locations all over the map you will not have that lock on them, Btw in the past which has been updated players using normal or casual aim were not able to use auto targeting on other players using expert aim..

I don't hold the LT, I let go and re-pull it every shot, gives me more acurate locking patterns.