Multiplayer issues: Level 55 10th prestige and hacked down to Level 1 10th prestige

Good evening, I have been playing call of duty 4 now for years since it has first come out. I know as of now not many people still play Call Of Duty 4. But about an hour ago i was playing on team death match and noticed that once the match had started, not even a minute into the match yet and the match had then just restarted for no reason. I had then noticed that my level had gone down to level 1 and that each time I had received a kill that my points per kill were going up by the thousand. I thought maybe it was some kind of glitch. I decided to back out of the match and restarted Xbox live and noticed that I was still a level 1 tenth prestige. I also noticed that my leader board score on the game had increased by a huge amount of points.

I have already spoken to one of your Xbox live representatives and she had directed me here to put up a new post. She had stated that this was the quickest way to get immediate action taken care of on my problem and to get my account fixed and back to the way it was. 

My gamertag is: sSs Bojangles 

I look forward to receiving a reply to this post. Thank you very much for your time. 


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