Multiplayer gets Casual mode?


Oh, and it also mentions a little something about the voice of the new Carmine.

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Soo. When they mean the next unfortunate carmine do they mean that he is going to get killed?

exactly what mstar cog said, who cares about casual mode? to be honest, theres not gonna be many people playing casual mode lol, almost everybody has at least ONE achievement in gears 1 or 2...and if you didnt play the first or second at least once with a friend or something and earn the easy active reload acheievements, odds are youre not gunna suddenly wanna pick up gears will be a very unplayed mode, one that nobody on here has to worry about

No, I'm pretty sure that they're referring to something different than the newcomer's handicap.

As long as they can't earn the same exp and achievements that we can in this casual mode. That would be unfair.

you can only play casual if you have never played gears 1 and 2 before, it checks if you have gears achievements and if you do then you cant get in casual play. its just for new people starting out.

And the old spice guy is NOT the new carmine, he is the CoG gear.

Casual mode only lasts for them for their first 10 kills. Once they get 10, which could be just one match of TDM, then their advantage goes away.

Its not going to make any difference to the game or our enjoyment of it.

So are they getting rid of the thing where people who haven't played past gears games get extra health and more damaging weapons. And is this going to be something like you can play till a certain rank and the you can no longer access it?