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Is it just me or is the multiplayer on this broke. can never set up a auto match for ranking & when I create one no one takes.

because atm game getting tired fast if only can play single mode which is very short.

Also if you play feel free to add me FUNSAM XBOX


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Yes, the MP is broken as far as net code goes.  Has been broken since the game first released.  Couple that with quitters and you have a fun if frustrating MP experience.

I have found that you need to sit on the "games" screen and watch new ones show up, then join one of those.  You are less likely to get the this game is full or unavailabel message.

If I create a game it usually takes 5-10 min to fill up.  (this was before hte new players all joined).

I only play Ranked matches

The quiters are the worse part, it gotten alot worse lately with the influx of new players.

I don't have a problem with people joining when I sit for a bit. I have problems with rage quitters. Has been that way since the game came out. I send them messages like don't play ranked matches when you are going to quit anyway.