Multiplayer Character DLC Glitch?

So I got the free DLC yesterday on the 13th(Myths & Mavericks) and afterwards I also bought the Legends & Killers DLC. I finally decided to try it out today and when I did, I noticed something very strange in my outfitter.

In the Misc Women section I discovered that I had Jack Marston as a selectable character and Nigel Dickens, not to mention countless others that were labeled "LOCKED". Is this supposed to be part of the DLC I downloaded?

Oh, and the extra characters are not standing where they should be, instead they are each standing next a different horse where you can pick a mount to ride.


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I had this. Then I downloaded the Undead Nightmare Collection, it then fixed itself. It may be a bug when you don't have all 3 paid DLC's.

Try clearing you game cache RDR is known for having problems if you download a DLC you should always clear the Memory Hard Drive Cache so it can update again after the DLC has been fully downloaded.

This happened to me once and kept me from getting Achievements but when I cleared the cache the game worked well again.