Multiplayer bug? Unable to assassinate or stun during the last half of a match..

I just finished playing through a match where things started acting strangely towards the end. I seemed unable to kill anyone I was after, despite standing right beside them. Whenever I pressed the x button, they would dodge the blow and it would be like this even if I kept at it for a while. The same thing happened when someone tried to stun me, I would just dodge out of the way without doing anything at all, it was a little bizarre.

I used a smoke bomb a few times and even when my target was coughing, they would dodge just as soon as I pressed X, again, same thing happened to me when a smoke bomb was used on me.

Pretty weird..


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This is what's now lovingly known as the "Indestructible" or "Invincible" bug. It's happening to many people at the moment. I have had it happen to me too when I've poisoned someone and they walk around for the entire match with my poison drop on them and they won't die and nobody can kill them. They can't be stunned either. I notice that it happens more with the Barber for some reason. I think this is because at the moment they are doing server updates because the San Donato at Night map is being generated for us. Normally if I'm in a match with this happening, I quit and try another match because you won't get the points. I recorded one of these glitches where I was stunning my pursuer and we just danced!

(it can also be down to lag)