I've read you can race up to 12 online. Will the A.I. take up the rest of  the field If your short on players. example (6 human players and six A.I. drivers)


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You can do it throu private  races and up to 16 racers! Not sure if it auto populated in pubs.

In the races I've been doing it isn't auto populated.  After the massive crash on turn one a bunch of people quit and it usually ends with 5-9 people racing.  The next race, if it doesn't fill with real people it won't fill up either.  I wish they would do something like Moto GP did by allowing races to not have collisions so you could actually race and not play demolition derby.  Or is this possible ?

So your saying as long as i start a private room i can fill it with A.I. drivers. I hope so, Its going to suck just me and my brother driving around by ourselves.

in the circuits it is only populated by players.

In the multiplayer empty spots are populated by AI