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To be fair I bought this game purely for the single player experience and was not expecting much/anything from the MP side of the game, but even so it really is poor "IMO" it really has that "tacked on" feel and I really can't for the life of me think why they bothered with it, also having so many achievements tied to the MP is a total waste.




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the MP isn't great but could be improved with a update, the thing i'm surprised is they didn't go down the Far Cry 3 route were 4 players work together to complete objectives it worked really will in Far Cry and would of been alot of fun inTR or a horde /firefight mode were you have to work together to survive wave after wave of enemies maybe next time?

they need to add lobbies so i can play with friends. i can invite friends but they end up on the other team. i want to play with my friends not against them.

If I'm honest it's certainly the number of achievements tied to the MP that I find the most annoying thing about having MP in this game.

There's a whopping "15" achievements tied to the online MP worth 250GS, far too much for such an average MP mode IMO.

If it was not for the achievements I would not have played the MP more than once as it's just not my thing at all, but I just wanted to get as much out of this game as possible, I've managed to get "8" MP achievements in total, which I feel is a fairly decent effort, it's unlikely I'll manage to get anymore though.

Cons:  awkward close combat due to lack of hipfire, lack of match beginning loadout choice, too easy to spawn trap on a few maps, only 4 vs 4

Pros:  platforming abilities make for a variety of flanking/ strategical maneuvers, traps, destructible environements, no OP killstraek rewards/ weapons

thank god for the FANTASTIC campaign!

You can get headshot kills with the solarii magnum pistol.

Ya it was tacked on but so was Mass effect 3's was to but it was co-op so it isn't exactly a bad thing... Played a few matches of this and while it does feel tacked on it feels decent and better then a lot of the call of duty games out there

It's a unbalanced mess is what it is. Its like they spent 10 years on this game to make the single player absolutely perfect I have no complaints there but only like 1 day on the MP. I can get  kill by a single arrow but shooting a guy 3 times in the head with a gun does nothing.................................. righttttttttt.

I prefer the multiplayer of this game to COD.  The gun play takes skill and there aren't 1,000 weapon mods to make up for a lack of that skill

the mp was tacked on for the people that won't buy any game that does not have an mp mode. it's sad that so many games have to include tacked on crappy mp modes just to get people that want every game to have mp, to buy the game. i much rather they added a few more tombs to explore instead of wasting disk space with mp. i played till level 10 just for the achievements. once i get all the mp achievements i can get, i will be done with the mp.

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