Mule Kick

Mule Kick on ALL Zombie maps? Just messing around today on Kino and noticed Mule Kick was there, and then checked the others and yup, there it was.

Interesting, I wonder if they will end up putting the other perks on the maps that do not have them?

That is all.


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Yeah I noticed this last week its good to see they are still updating the game and looking after it and yeah who knows Wat other surprises they might have instore for us in order to keep the interest thru mw3s release

Yet the first map is still pretty hard with it.

^^I wanna try Nacht with 3 weapons.

Mule kick?

^^Perk that allows you to carry three weapons.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

^^Perk that allows you to carry three weapons.


I thought the same thing...When I did, I ended up with Commando, HK21, and RPK I felt pretty good about myself. But as always (for me) I died reloading. I would probably get twice as far if I could have Speed Cola on that map!

Oops qoted the wrong post...but I think you get my point..

if kino had all the perks it would be the best map IMO