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I've been hearing a lot of debate on definitions of cheating regarding MTG 2012 Multi-player. A perfect example is a 1 on 1 match, the person hosting will be showing one deck so when you join you pick a deck that will compete with that deck and go ready well the host will decide I can't compete against that deck and will go not ready and switch to a different deck and then launch the game before the 2nd player can hit not ready and adjust their deck. To me this is taking advantage of a game feature and using it to try to affect the outcome of the game which meets XBOX's definition of cheating and not to mention just poor sportsmanship all around. I've talked to some that agree with me and I've talked to others that say no its not cheating, so I'm curious to see what the public has to say. Let's hear your opinions good and bad but just don't kill the messenger. I'm just getting a feel for what others think.


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