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     I'm trying to find out why this game isn't getting fixed. I understand Activision/Infinity Ward will gain nothing but goodwill by fixing it but I would like to point out that we pay MS for the online experience. This has been raised to $60 a year for LIVE and I've been on since the BETA and quite honestly I see this as a Microsoft issue. I pay MS to play non modded/hacked games online. This was the SOLE reason I left PC gaming and got the original Xbox. Just because a game is old and has many sequels doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to drop in an older game and play it the way it was intended much less be at risk for my account being hacked just for entering a game! I don't expect the game maker to fix this as they make NO income from me continuing to play this old game, but Microsoft does.  I gave up backwards compatibility and the old LIVE for a "better" LIVE experience and I have to say it's not better. No more Halo 2 a price increase and now modded COD games?


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Microsoft doesn't give a damn about you or anyones problems, why do you think they use Chinese telecoms?