mr skyfish & flop on crew...

was playing with mr skyfish last night....this guy kick out the game anybody he want !!   several time we had been kick out for X reason....last time we were playing and his friend "flop on crew" told him to kick a player...10 second after this player was kicket out!!!!

i"ve made a complain on this....just be aware on this two gamertag.....most of the time they"re playing together!!!


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Flop on Crew is a weird, misguided guy who is socially awkward and inarticulate...just like lots of other gamers.

Skyfish is cheating scum. He is a criminal who has disrupted thousands of COD3 games only because he derives personal enjoyment from ruining other people's fun. Microsoft banned him when he was Suns of Plunder, but have never bothered to do anything about his current malicious behavior. Many have asked MS to take action, but the world's largest software company seems uninterested in this menace. Microsoft has failed us regarding Skyfish (as well as his filthy partner in crime, Yankees).

Thanks Bill Gates! That's why I use a Mac!

Let's not forget Conory in this dirty a CHEATER as anyone who plays this game.

Might as well add Cleankitten2224 to this list. Too many kills and won't die when I shoot him. Ridiculous