Mr Freeze boss fight tactic help (possible spoilers)

I am fighting Mr Freeze but can't figure out all of the tactics I need to take him down.  I can use the disrupter once, silent takedown from behind, silent takedown from above but after that....I don't know.  I can't take him direct, unless its gadget traps.  Anyone out there able to throw me a bone?


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I figured it out lol.  Just had to keep trying

Ok........, There is a room with water in front of the door and a switch ...use the batarang  to on  turn on the switch but freeze has to stand on the water with two electric wires in front of it and then after that go to the stair case where you came from and use your Remote Electrical Charge on the generators and shoot it and then there is the line launcher, just time it and zip behind him.

It is actually easy once Batman scans Freezes suit you just push the back button and it tells you things you can do but they can only be done once as Victor is pretty smart.

I read in a review that the boss fights were pretty meh, but I personally like em' so far. They're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the Deus Ex: Human Revolution boss fights, that's for sure.