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I've been playing brotherhood online now since it came out and I still can't tell when another player has locked on to me in the Wanted game mode.

Anyone know how that works?

Sometimes it seems like a player I'm chasing/following with the lock-on system, knows that he's been locked onto and hides in a group of NPC's unitl the lock disappears. But, I just can't seem to figure out what it is that lets a player know he's been locked.


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Its the players behavour that gives them away, and it's logical that the player as locked on to them. So they blend to be sure of canceling the lock and then run away or using a skill.

Other players might however not know you are there and just blending to be more tactical or have more then one pursuer after them.
I think Wanted Mode requires 25% Skill, 25% Tactic's and 50% Luck. 

usually if im being locked on i hear a noise right as their locking onto me but that is if their locking onto me with a gun so idk if that answers ur question