MP Kill counter: A help or hindrance?

Hey Everyone,

   Just curious.  Do you find the killstreak counter to be a help or a distraction while you're playing?  Do you look at it thinking I need to get one more kill to get ... and feel anxiety or ignore it and just play through?  Basically, what do you think of this new addition?

Cheers ~vc


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Wait, what kill counter? I haven't even noticed it. The only way I know to use something is after around the 3rd time the in game announcement reminds me.

The killstreak counter is the notches in the lower right side of the screen next to the ammo counter...

Ooohhhh, I've never ever looked there and I probably never will. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

I find it helpful. Good especially when you're running high count assault or support streaks

Great addition.  Simple and effective

I couldnt care less. Im just glad they finally made it so I can choose which streaks I want to use and when. No more waiting on a uav before I drop my stealth bomber run.

I rarely look at it and when I do, I tend to look near the end of a round. I don't really see why you would pay attention to it because the minute you think you only need one more kill you'll unconsciously change your game play and odds are you'll end up dying.

I don't use the strike package where you actually need kills for killstreaks like all the other cod's. I stick mainly to the support and the one that gives you perks. I like it for those two, but I can easily see how I'd get way too anxious if I needed a kill or two for a ac-130 or something of the sort.