MP is the best

This game is great fun, especially on Multiplayer with Friends who have the game also.

Only thing that sucks is finding a game with hackers. or those who lag the connection and use a lag switch. Than its no good cause those people that use mods and hacks and lag switches take all the fun out of the game. Because they suck at the game and have no skill.

But for those who dont hack or cheat, and actually like to play a fair game. Its alll fun.

You can hit me up and Ill play some MP with you.

Youll find me online most of the time playing games.

also Me and my friend play at night. and sometimes during the day.

Find us in Rapture.

We are the Addicted Splicers.

To all That Hack, use mods, lag switches, and even modded controlers. Learn to get some skill. If you cant win a game without cheats than you cant play at all. and you have no skill. DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU HACK OR CHEAT IN ANYWAY! YOU GUYS SUCK AT VIDEO GAMES!!!


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