MP Game Freeze

started last night and has continued on today. will be in the middle of a match and controller vibrates and game freezes. anyone having this same problem and do you know what cuases this. or am i just having **** luck and my internet/xbox is crapping out on me....this keeps up its going to be a really long time before i hit the 98 matches cheevo


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Ive been getting freezes too, so far 2, its probably the game we all know it has a lot of technical issues.

me and 2 other friends have the same issue.

Yeah got that too. Zombies start glitching (wont die after unloading a mag into them), players runnin then reappearing at the same place for 4 times, and all of a sudden im at a previous location and I'm dead.

I don't know what it is but i'm getting tired of being CQC'ed by invisible ghost people whom I can't fight back, and getting snatched halfway across the map by zombies that weren't  even their to begin with. I can't get that crucible achievement; it's holding me up.

^thats most likely lag...