Moxxy Easter Egg?

After reaching level 50, I went into Moxxy's bar and gave her 10 1K tips. She have me a corrosive LVL50 submachine gun called something like 'Moxxy's bad side'. did about 3K damage and did about the same in elemental effects. A few sessions later, I did it again, and was given a weapon called 'Moxxy's good side'. 4K damage per shot submachine gun with fire elemental effects.


Thought sharing this would be helpful.. Good luck.


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moxxis bad touch and moxxis good touch, yeah at lvl 50 they are great against loaders, both of the ones i had were corrosive.

although the pad vibrated like hell on moxxis good touch when i zoomed in!

but thats probably why its called 'the good touch'

keep holding the trigger with no ammo and it will still vibrate. oh the pervs at gearbox

thats her vibrater you lil nastys

Oh man! Never thought of that!

the bad touch is corrosive good touch is fire always