Moxxxi's photos, anyone kno a place?

Hello, anyone here kno of a good spot or location to farm these items real quick?

I've found 5 or so, so far just by playing, but I finished up all the quests now. So my desire to do them again in other player's games is next to not.

So if anyone knows mine sharing? Thanks (^^)



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i got mine at the place were you start the bar fight for some reason after i had fought invin pete the guys in the bar started at level 30 then kept going until i was fighting lvl 50 badasses (not sure if they are meant to do that) and its them that kept dropping the photos for me, also a good place to get torque coins. the achievement is slightly glitchly thou as i had to find around 14 photos b4 achievement unlocked and i others have had to get even more so just keep going until the achievement pops

ooo nke, i'll head there next time im online. Thanks for the tip ^^


Side note: Haha so the colection achievements glitchy? Yu'd think the coding for em would of been fixed after the hole pizza & panties insadent back in the original Borderlands XD

just go into the bar and start a fight, exit and repeat. save and reload when they stop respawning