Moxxi Now =P

I'm going to get on my Sweet J TBR Account right now to get those darn achievements already =P

If you want them just join the lobby! (I'm playing from start to end here, Possibly the three Large Tournaments).


* I'll play with 1 or 2 other Gamers. Having 4 in the session will make me Lag.

* No Mic for me. I'm sick at the moment so it would get annoying to hear me coughing over and over again o.o ...

Thank you =D


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Oh, I'm a 69 Siren by the way.

When players in the past have posted these topics Moxxi now or Crawmerx farming now... do people who read these just drop everything and jump in. or is it like

Dude make a public game and hope your lucky cool randoms join and help.

i dont think so unless the post is free guns limited time offer-limit 1/

When I see these, I'm always at work or it's hours after the posted thread.  I have read a "HELP ME" thread, got home and looked to see...several times"...if that person was online and they never were.  I'm guessing they got their help.

No i didn't, tried for about an hour and noticed that my connection is so bad that i can't host a game without the others disconnecting from me xD

Then i went and joined a Level 34 who was doing it Solo and guess what? Modder.

Ah well i'll keep lookin'