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alright so like everyone other then the wreckers im trying to move up the boards i have 6 cars that i switch from depending on the day im having and how im driving at that time. my prob is im not creating the right tune and therefor i cant brake 600 on the boards the tunes i make are awsome tunes but not top comp. i want to race the best and im hopin for a glimps in the right direction not full tunes justa lil help to "steer" me in the right direction any help that works i appriciate it if it dont help thanks for attempting to help. im not on the computer much so shoot me a line on my tag bom6berman420 ill add you as a friend and if your not happy with your current car club i will personally add you to ours in not a top racer yet but together we can conqure the boards thanks


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in my opinion build is way more important than the tune. Have you got your cars set up differently or are they all pretty much the same for every track?

e.g. a car built for mugello is not going to be all that competative on sebring

If you're looking to get into the top 100 then build is everything and you should build and tune for individual tracks, if you're looking at top 20.......good luck!! Top 100 is entirely possible, even top 50 with a decent build but from then on it's all about driver skill and the guys at the top are just better then the rest of us.