Movie/TV/Comic Video Games. Do you Buy?

Popular franchises made into video games... All the Marvel and DC comic games and the new Hollywood movie franchises made into games. Why do you buy them? I generally do not. Ever. Once or twice in the past, but only if the game is a good one, do I buy it... by video game standards, not by a fan's wishful thinking.

The only big franchise games that turned out to be great this generation that I could think of were War For Cybertron and Arkham Asylum. Anything else should be added to that "list?"


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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a great title.

A free-roam city with plenty of random encounters, plenty of collectables for you to go for should you want to, lots of nice cameos from other Marvel heroes and villains and the game will warn you when a mission is going to advance the story to the next stage (which changes the random encounter bad-guys you take on.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a great hack and slash. Vaguely follows the plot of the movie but is much better.

It depends, if it's a movie knock off then Usually I don't. Wolverine was an example of how to do a game based on a movie and tie it into the lore of the comics, and do it incredibly well. Wanted was an example of how not to do it, and it was terrible. The Darkness series is a great example of adapting the comic and doing something new with it but doing it well.

Batman Arkham Asylum took an incredibly boring Comic book character and made him as interesting as the movie character.

No, not ever.


I don't mind Lord of the Rings, as that's very expansive and is generally set very far away from the movies and novels so it's fine by me, but otherwise, no.

It honestly depends. If I'm a big enough fan of the source material I will. Some examples being The Walking Dead XBLA game coming out, the Game of Thrones retail game coming out, and which I recently just bought, the new South Park XBLA game.

Ever since Raven Software created a good Wolverine game, my opinion on other forms of entertainment being adapted into a game has changed significantly. Granted, most of them will be absolutely abysmal, but then there is your oddball every now and then that will be a fantastic title.

So to answer your question, I will play a game based off of a movie, TV show or a comic if I'm a big enough fan of whatever it is.

never and never will....

Game of Thrones looks decent. Not sure how well it will follow the tv/book storyline.

Very, very rarely.

the only decent games for me are the comics video games wolverine origins game. the mvc games and the marvel ultimate alliance rpg games.

For the most part, no. Movies made into games, as well as games made into movies generally suck hard. The only games from movie franchises that I have liked (that I can think of right now) are Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and the ancient Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600. We have a couple of TV show games that my Wife purchased... Wheel of Fortune and... Actually, that's the only one. The other I was thinking of is a spoof, called Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionare?. I'm not into comics at all, so even if one of the games happened to be great, I'd never know because I wouldn't give it a second look.

I will pretty much eventually get around to any super hero game. Even if by game standards they are meh, it still does have that slight reminiscence of childhood. Playing with action figures, make believe. I picked up Green Lantern recently, and the combat is dull and enemies and environments were repetitive, but the powers in the game were so much fun it kept me entertained for the whole 4 hours it lasted lol. I'm thinking Thor or Captain America next.....

ohhh. And Wanted:weapons of fate was a pretty fun comic book (that became a movie) game.