Most thrilling exp in gaming.

i was exploring the depths last night and fell down a hole. i was instantly surrounded by the frogs i've heard all about and totally freaked out. i managed to deal with them without getting cursed thank god. then i get invaded for the first time ( im way of the white, it doesn't happpen if at all). im thinking this is just too much for me to handle, but i fought on and defeated the invader ( he was pretty bad) VICTORY!!! he dropped a kick @@@ spikey shield and 10.000 souls. 

then it dawned on my that i was trapped in the middle of the depths... with 10,000 souls and i had no idea where i was going. i pushed on hoping for a bonfire and i found a short cut back to my old fire. I WAS JUMPING AROUND THE ROOM CHEERING, man no game has ever made me feel like that.


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Hardcore RPGs for the win.  This game is awesome.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm in Anor Londo right now and freaking the hell out myself.  LoL

Awesome story Azalot.  Like I said in another thread...I do most of my gaming on the PS3 and I played the hell out of Demon's Souls.  I was REALLY happy for the people with just a 360 when this game went multiplatform so you all could experience it.  I hope the sales are high enough that they make more games like this.

Great story.  

It's all those holy **** moments that really make the game awesome.  I remember the first time I beat the first boss in Demon's Souls, I threw my hands in the air like a football player might after a touchdown.   Only games that have ever made me feel like that.  Lol.

This game will get you hoping to find someway of getting pasted enemies, usually when I have a moment like that with hold a lot of souls I make a mad dash hoping to find a bonfire on my way.

Oh and the person that invaded your game was an NPC, if him 3 times and kill him you can find his spiky armor (Which I'm really loving)

npc? that would explain the ease... it took more than 3 hits though