Most Powerful Weapon

What weapon have you found to be the most powerful so far in your multiplayer experience?


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I'm liking the Vector CRB with a silencer and rapid fire.

Great CQC gun.

Ty fellas. Been wanting to fimd a reliable smg.for two.days. I need one for my r-n-g class for mid level maps or maps that are huge but have that cqc area. The ARs give no reliable hip fire and speed of hip fire readiness. I have used steady aim on the ar but the hip fire is slowwwww. Give it a try with steady aim on and off and you will see how slow hip firing takes to get ready. I get it, no run n gun with an AR gamers but dam IW NEVERSOFT AND whatever other developer, you guys made it almost non existent. So non existent that smgs are worthless on these maps.

MSBS. It's the M16 from COD4.

I agree, the Vector with silencer and fore grip.  I've tried with and without the rapid fire and they are very close.  I prefer the stability and accuracy with the fore grip.

Play local and test out different configs before you commit all your points on multiplayer.