Most played multiplayer mode GTA IV?




What is the most played multiplayer mode in GTA IV multiplayer online?


As I have found, when I joint 'car jack city' or an unranked match (be it deathmatch or team deathmatch), no one is ever around.

So, I want to know where everyone really is. I think it also depends on the hour one plays..

I often play at night GMT time Central Europe, but also sometimes around midday.


Any ideas?


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I haven't played in a while but I guess Free Roam or Team Deathmatch.

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Man free roam is so pointless. I can not believe people would play that.

I wish it was Cops and Robbers...I wish Team deathmatch would be removed from games, worst game mode ever for online.

Free Mode or TDM, how is Free Mode a waste? You can do anything you want to in it...

I need this game back.

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Free mode has the most people in it

Free Roam, hands down. With (maybe) Hangmans Noose as the second most populated MP game mode.