Most painful game, ever...?

So I participated in my first BP2 clan thingy, and I saw this on KC on Standoff:

I thought, "No biggy, hack and kill."

This is how that house looked the rest of the game...

Point of this thread: share a moment that you've had in game that would motivate you to make a similar thread. XD

Also, anyone know a way to better post photos, like in thumbnail form or something? Or should I just link to my images?


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I have encountered the same thing a couple times with a full 6 man party doing it in TDM. Stayed in the lobby for a couple matches just to ruin some of their scorestreaks but it was a lost cause with my 5 randoms. VERY annoying play style even with me spamming all my EMP nades constantly.

They were either black "worming" (camping) or TS glitching (think thats patched). Probably camping, but thats TDM for you.

I don't have a pic of that but I had a moment when I was played League Play (TDM) with 5 friends and in one game on Raid the entire enemy team was posted up in the bedroom overlooking the pool with shields and LMG's. So after we figured it out we hid away and made them come to us. They ended up losing and were quite surprised they did.

  Looks like a buttload of points for a siingle emp nade.

^^Trophy System kills one EMP, but lots of points for that second toss, unless they had two TS.

At one point there was about 4 TS, three on the bottom floor and one up top.

As the game went on there was at least two Guardians and a Sentry. Got my Blackhat title that game. XD

Ts has to have a line of site on the emp. Throw it on the ground just oustide the wall, and you'd have a hk earned with all that crap in there.

I dunno if the "line of sight" thing is right as Ive had TS destroy my nades a ton, but it maybe so. Going to have to try that and see,

Yeah, an emp grenade thrown outside the wall = everything destroyed.

One worm is annoying enough, a whole team of them would be so boring to play against. Apparently it is rampant in TDM league play.

 Yeah, Outside a wall, upstairs, downstairs, on th other side of a vehicle if you crouch or go prone to throw it.

  I started out with the game using the bh all the time just because I thought t was fun, but emps and engineer will rack up a lot more points. the ts will make it a little difficult, but if you use the emp right it will take it out along with everything else.

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