Most infuriating COD

 In no way am I amazing at COD but I have usually been able to hold my own usually go positive or even in most matches.  But ever since I have played mw3 I barely see any more positive k/d ratios.  Usually I can hover around a 1 but I can't even get past .77 for this game.   It just seems so uneven, one match i go 20-5 then three matches I go 8-14.  I can never find any consistency in this game!!!!!


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I'm like that, but less extreme. When I'm doing my best, I can go 30-2 all day for a day. Then when I'm not doing well, I hardly get above a 1. It really does seem random. I have well above a 1 K/D in this game, but I know what you're talking about.

sssssshhhhhhhhhNIPER FROG

I'll tell you what's infuriating...those idiots at IW switched sprint/prone in the southpaw tactical setup.


THAT"S INFURIATING....frickin' bunch of dumb****s. I am PISSED.


It's probably just the spawns. My K/D in this game is the lowest K/D I've had in cod since WaW & I blame the horrible, random, no rhyme nor reason spawn system. I love when I'm having a good game K/D-wise where I'm like 25-5 & then I get killed & sucked into an endless spawn eff. Then I die about 5 or 6 times in under 30 seconds taking maybe 3 total steps in the process. Frustrating as hell.

the spawns is what annoys me 

The spawns ARE what ANNOY me.

I would agree queen.

That and Riot Shields being completely irritate me.

Lol What spawns? It decides to let you spawn 2 feet from where you got shot at and does it about 80% of the time. That is annoying but what really gets me is how bad some people can be in Domination... Once i joined in at the near end of a game and the final score was 22 Us enemy 200( i came in the last 5 minutes and got the only flag capture...). That and when Teamates don't even help you get a flag


Also Cod been going downhill Ever since 3 when Activision decided to make Call of duty annual