What games have used AI in  innovative ways?   Basically, the games that play smart and keep you coming back. 


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I just watched The Thing and it made me want to play through the game again (original Xbox).  It's a fantastic survival horror game which is still really fun.  Just like the movie, trust between everyone in game is a big factor.  If you don't give your teammates ammo or submit to blood tests you lose them one way or another.  It was pretty innovative at the time.   You had to make sure they were happy so they didn't go crazy.  It's on the BC list so everyone give it a try!

The first Half-Life was the first game where I noticed AI being crafty, or atleast cursing and running from grenades.

The AI drivers in Baja: Edge of Control never ever ever make any mistakes driving

FEAR 1 had excellent AI. Those Replicas were almost superhuman on Extreme difficulty, not because they were harder to kill, but because they were smarter than on Normal or Hard. A lot smarter.

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The AI drivers in Baja: Edge of Control never ever ever make any mistakes driving


Bots in racing games are impeccably good.

The only thing that lets human players win is that their speed is capped (until you pass them) so they're really going slower than they should be.

Operation Flashpoint games . -sarcasm mode-

Perfect Dark, the dark sims. I believe those were the highest level ones, either way the one I'm thinking of was smart and could cloak which is a bad combination.

Ninja Gaiden, both NGB and NG2 have some seriously smart AI which will change on the fly to adapt to how you approach each fight forcing you to mix up your attacks, spam the same old move and it'll nail you, hard!

I only play survival nowadays and while their movesets are the same the way they counter and flank constantly changes, damn AI still manages to surprise me and kill me in new ways.

L.A. Noire

If you've ever played it then you know why, the facial expressions and interactions are as perfect as a video game this generation can get. I was astounded when I first started playing the game.