Most hated/ loved

what activity did u like the most/least.

I loved chop shop and hitman but hated racing and the 4 wheeler on fire one (forgot the name.)


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The ATV on fire, was called Trailblazing. I enjoyed Hitman and Chop Shop as well. Heli Assault and FUZZ were fun too. I hated Crowd Control... Only recently beat that in co-op with a friend, and that's the only way to beat it imo.

love insurance fraud, hate racing

I loved mayhem, hitman and insurance fraud (and am glad to know for a fact that mayhem and insurance fraud are returning for 3), but hated crowd control and heli assault.

Insurance Fraud FTW! My wife & I would just crack up so much once the gravity would change!

I hated the Tow Truck diversion.

Heli-Assault was not so bad for me ('cause I played the "Strike" series on Genesis a lot) but I hated the parts where you had to pick up your team & have them dangle from the skids. That was glitchy.

septic avenger was the best! something about riding around spraying raw sewage just seems fun

hated heli assualt though never could get the hang of it

heli assault i hate it Q-Q fine until you have to pick up your homies god damn they cant hold on to save their lifes just keep falling down and they suck att actually grabbing it

I never seemed to have an issue with Heli Assault maybe my game was messed up in a good way for that one. they never fell off but I couldn't do Trail Blazing because most of the time their weren't any cars or people around.

Tow truck... I will never conquer you

loved fight club i hope its in sstt...the one i hated the most was escort...its almost impossible to escape those reporters when u get to levels 5 and 6

@Are u Mad Brah: The best way to beat Tow Truck, is to have a co-op partner with you. You stay in the tow truck, drive to where the car is you need, have your co-op partner jump out and get in it, then both of you get back to the nearest Rim Jobs. Once there, have your co-op partner drive the car right behind the tow truck and get out. You hitch the car up and drive into the marker and you've completed it. Do that for the 10 levels, and you'll complete it easily, get a Saints Tow Truck variant and one step closer to earning the Blue Collar Achievement.


@AFR0 PUNKST3R: Escort can be tricky, but just remember... your car is more maneuverable than the media trucks and stick to the freeways if you can. Driving in the oncoming lane, moving between the oncoming cars helps to take out the media trucks without any penalty.