Most FPS games lose money, says Timesplitters dev.

It's no secret that people flock to the likes of CoD and Battlefield. There have been games over looked that were really good like Singularity.

Here is a tid-bit of the link:

"I spent the whole of 2008 going round talking to publishers trying to sign up TimeSplitters 4," Ellis said. "There just isn't the interest there in doing anything that tries to step away from the rules of the genre--no one wants to do something that's quirky and different, because it's too much of a risk. And a large part of that is the cost of doing it." ---Timesplitters developer.

If devs are afraid to take risks, then I don't see a sign a change in the near future. Hopefully next gen they will take risks because when a system first comes out there aren't many games (usually) so consumers are starving for games.

I'm not bashing CoD or BF, just pointing out something I see as a bad thing for our hobby.

Link if interested.


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Timesplitters was a bit different from today's influx of military shooters.  I'd rather have anew Timesplitters over a new CoD or Battlefield.


Singularity was better and somewhat different.  Games like that were more deserving of the sales bigger yet worse game had recieved.

Me too. Anything different tbh. I still have high hopes for Bioshock: Infinite.


I love Timesplitters and I haven't played many FPS games since Future Perfect.

Only crummy, buggy and under-maketed, or overly hyped games lose money! If memory serves me right, TS2 aiming was pretty stinky! The aiming of the gun was seemed like it swinging on some sort of invisible hinge.

From the same era... DarkWatch was pretty good from some of the ex-Bungie staff, but it still had a few flaws of in the A.I., and environmental departments (too small).  Not too many horror western steam punk games on the market. (I wish there would've been a sequel.)


Halo, Medal of Honor, Borderlands, Crysis, Far Cry, Bioshock...dude just sounds mad because nobody will fund a new Timesplitters.

Most FPS games are similar. Most FPS games lose money. So why are we still inundated with copycat shooters?  Publishers must not have been impressed with Timesplitters 4 or someone would have backed it.  Just look at all the crappy shooters that did get published.

Time splitters 2 had aiming about as bad as N64 shooters... the story was nothing special.

the only thing i liked was the map editor and crazy characters. i can't think of many GOOD shooters that weren't successful

Many older shooters had bad aiming.  The one thing about  shooters that always improves through time is the aiming and controls.    It's not like they'd keep the same clunky aiming, they don't don't do that with most games.

I 2nd that.I cant wait to get my hands on Bioshock:Infinite.Looks amazing from what i have seen and read so far.

How is The Witcher 2? Is it a very hard to get used to,controls,spells,weapons,story etc....?

Seeing as everything is a Cod clone if it's a FPS now a days that is a surprise and a unfortunate thing to hear. FPS games are doomed to become nothing but a stagnant pool of clones.

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