Most epic squadmate combo...

I gotta go EDI and Tali. Insane is a breeze w/ these two.

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Garrus and Liara worked fine with my Soldier.   Tail was a decent replacement for Liara.   I never liked EDI, having her in a body kinda creeped me out, plus she provides no fire powers and dies to much for my liking.

Miranda and Grunt for any class in Mass Effect 2. Once I figured it out on insanity, getting to the Collector Ship was a cake  walk and after the Collector Ship through the end ofthe game was a cake walk.  Wrex and Kaiden with my soldier in ME 1 takes a close second, and EDI and Javik in ME 3, third.

My class sentinel, mapped powers Warp and overload

Garrus for tech burst and Liara for stasis and my warp gives biotic explosion

First play through i went with EDI and Liara, second one I went with Tali and Liara. I like Liara's powers as they cool down fast and she has BUBBLE STASIS. Easy pickings for my sniper shots.

I always move Tali up ahead, literally next to enemies, as I gave her the Claymore shotgun. I first use the attack drone, and then have tali approach them while they focus their attention on the drone. I SPAM her shield drain ability, making it easier for her to stay alive, since I;m always using it as she approaches the enemy for a blast from the claymore. She just tears $h!t up.

Tali is EASILY my favorite team mate.

Javik is VERY good, he's never gone down when I've been playing. So I recommend Javik and... someone.

For sentimental effect, Garrus and Tali are a decent combo, especially if your Shepard is a Adept class. For other classes, Liara can be useful, but I strongly recommend having Javik as he is a powerhouse. Give him the Particle Beam Assault Rifle (Tier X) with Piercing mod and Magazine upgrade mod, both at Tier V, and he's unstoppable.

[quote user="Deaths Head 200"]

For sentimental effect, Garrus and Tali are a decent combo..


I found in ME3 that Sentiment ruled everything else for me. The only people I take with me are Garrus, Liara, Ashley or Tali. Simply put, there is just no one else that I care about. I can't stand Vega, and Javik just kind of bores me.. EDI I just find annoying. None of the characters introduced during ME3 (I know, technically EDI was met in ME2) are boring to me.

My most common combo by far was Garrus and Liara with my Sentinel.

Yea, sentiment played a lot in my choices too.  Plus, you got some cool dialogue during certain parts, like bringing Liara and Garrus to cure the Genophage with Wrex.

I used everyone.  I just can't keep with one character unless there's an achievement involved like the ones in ME1.

My best duo was Garrus and Javik.  Javik with his Particle Rifle and Dark Channel dominated everything.  garrus is well, Garrus.  A total badass.

Worst was James and sadly Tali.  James seemed to get downed quite often, almost as often as Jacob did in ME2.  Tali came into the game quite late and I feel that her effeciency as a squad mate has decreased a lot since ME1.  There's very few Geth in ME3 and even less mechs and Atlases.  So her hacking powers are reduced a fair bit.

That said, I did take Tali on the final mission with Garrus because both of them helped me take down Saren in my first ME1 playthrough so it seemed right to bring the gang back and do the final mission with them.

Tali was overpowered in ME1 (I went through that with her and wrexx)

Miranda's squad-buffing power made her fairly constant in ME2 (and I'm hot for Yvonne Strahovski)

I used everybody kind of evenly in 3

Tali's  hacking has been less powerful from game to game because there are fewer synthetics.

But she's a good shot and energy drain plus those drones keeps her useful in 3

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