Most Disappointing Games of 2015

My least favorite games are:

The Order 1886, Evolve, Battlefield Hardline, MGS Phantom Pain, SW Battlefront, Project Cars, Dishonored Definitive Edition (lazy port), COD Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege, and F1 2015.

What are your most disappointing games of this year?


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Great but which was the most disappointing game of 2015 or I'm gonna report you for False Advertising.

For me I think it would have to be "Fallout 4".

More "Fallout 3.5".

Not much of a graphical improvement even if it does look better in places.

Really stands out when you get to Diamond City and all of a sudden the slack shouldered sullen faced people you meet suddenly become animated, emotional and are suddenly able to gesture with their arms.

It's fun to play but it's too much the same old game as "Fallout 3".  Not enough effort was made to make this a "Next Gen" (technically current gen) title.

Personally, I like COD Black Ops III and haven't played Rainbow 6: Siege yet.  

That's great... but this is the most dissapointing game of 2015 thread.

Are you saying that BLOPS III is both your favourite game and this year's most disappointing title?

Batman Arkham Knight.

Complete & utter rubbish.So bad I couldn't bring myself to finish it.

I have realistic expectations usually. But eh, I didn't buy Batman Arkham Knight because I couldn't quite make out what it was through all the added content, extras, bonuses, quirks, jives, and jazz that came dancing and singing in front of it.

So I disappointedly side-stepped it. It cheered me up a bit that they had to pull the PC version for being virtually unplayable though. The PC crowd really knows how to kick the crud out of publishers online, when they feel let down. The internet never forgets too, so, that game took a beating.

Maybe Warner will be smarting from that, and make some changes in future, maybe... {=|

Sorry Azrael008uk didn't mean to stray from the topic.  Just stating an opinion.  I didn't realize the topics were so rigid.  

Hey Genesis. I was just curious. I'm not the boss of the Forums and can't tell you what to post.

I avoided "Batman" for the same reasons as Argontheos.  The publisher and developer made a right mishmash of what content you may, may not or might be getting in the partial package, semi complete package, sort-of season pass, partial season pass or who knows what they were selling and was gonna hold out for the GOTY Edition.

What did you find so poor about it Badger?

I skipped Batman for the same reasons as Argontheos and Az. I cannot support that nonsense.


Luckily I only rented Batman.

Trust me,you didn't miss anything by not playing it.

Weird. I thought batman was fantastic.

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