Most Bizarre Seeds Possible For Xbox 360 Edition

Has anyone come upon any truly bizarre seeds?  We know that the terrain generator will tend to produce some mountains, some hills, some lakes, some desert, some snow, and some beaches, with the whole map surrounded by water (which can range from 1 block of water between land and the edge of the world to a span of dozens of blocks).  We know that the terrain generator is programmed to make the water deepest at the edges of the map.  We know that surface lava is possible, but not abundant.  We know that rivers are possible, but uncommon.  What I would most like to know is whether someone has found a seed that truly defies expectation, where the terrain generator created a map that is truly bizarre.  Please note that I'm not looking for maps that are necessarily good to play on (i.e., Gargamel, etc).  Rather, I'm looking for the truly bizarre.  Has anyone found any seeds that fit the bill?


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Emoticones i believe...i'm not sure if it works for the xbox version but does for PC ground lvl obsidian and lava along with floating waterfalls

MODDED is a very bizzare seed code with a huge hole through a mountain

on the three worlds I've been in, I've seen levitating land masses, where there is no connection to the ground in anyway.  Some times it's just a few blocks.  other times it is quite massive  piles of dirt and stone with trees on top even.

Can't think of the name but I had a seed that just generated the oddest floating islands. Some were as little as one block just floating 100 blocks up in the sky.

PLUTO 101 has some strange formations on it as well as a large deep ocean.

Also -HEROBRINE LIVES is another with odd biomes

If you can remember the name at some point, please post it.  I'd love to check it out. I'm trying to find something really unique.