Most Awesome Games of 2015

In my opinion, the best games to come out this year is:

Fallout 4, Halo 5, Dying Light, Witcher 3, Until Dawn, Mad Max, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, Rocket League, Ori & The Blind Forest, and Rise of Tomb Raider.

What are some of your favorite games to come out this year?


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That's great but which one is the most awesome game to come out in 2015 or I'm gonna have to report you for false advertising.

"Fallout 4" fell foul with it's flat graphics and last gen feel.  It certainly came with all the hype to be the most awesome game of 2015 but falls flat.

"Witcher 3" deserves an honourable mention as it is a great and worth offering that stands head and shoulders above it's peers for sheer volume of gameplay and how well it all works.

"Star Wars: Battlefield" surprises with how much fun it actually is to play and how perfectly it nails the scenes from the battles from the films.

But the most awesome game of 2015 so far would have to be "Rise Of The Tomb Raider".

I base this on the game being so out the box perfect and ready to go.

Remember all the technical complaints that people have been making about "Rise Of The Tomb Raider"?

No.  You don't.  Because there aren't any to make.  Crystal Dynamics has delivered a quality product.  It makes you feel like a "Tomb Raider".  You feel like an explorer.  You feel like and adventurer.  It looks brilliant and the gameplay is brilliant.

This game has both surprised and impressed me most out of anything released in 2015.

I like Forza 6, HALO 5 and COD Black Ops 3

Fallout 4 is good.

I'm willing to bet that no other game on this generation of consoles has crammed so much content, game-time, player freedom, and innovation into one AAA title. It isn't burdened by any extra or sliced content tacked on, either. No pre-order bonuses, or season pass extras. No exclusive 'buy from here and get this gun/outfit/skin/ball tickler' crapola.

None of that. The game is just out there, speaking for itself, like games used to be.

It is huge, wide open for exploration, and long... or, it's linear, and can deliver a good story with multiple endings and factions to side with, depending on how you play. It has expansive and intuitive settlement creation, to rival Minecraft/State of Decay's efforts, or just gives you the option to buy a home and have done with it, or ignore having a place at all, again, depending on how you play.

The character builds can make the game restrictive and extremely challenging, or make the game easy and you OP. You can go weaksauce brainiac hacking turrets, spotlights, and robots - and relying on companions to fight for you. Or you can don the power armour [one of several variants] you've upgraded up the wazoo, heft your heavily modded minigun, and just buzzsaw through mutants. The character builds coupled with the many difficulty settings adds more [or less] challenge, too.

Pip-Boy mini-games. Hundreds of locations. Depending on your luck... loads of random encounters in the Wasteland. Great voice acting. Good story. A world and factions that react to your choices. A multitude of companions with their own quests, stories, and personalities.

Half of the stuff that's already in it, I had to download as mods in previous Fallouts. Now I'm struggling to think of mods I want. All I can think is, "I want a 'Keys' sections in my Pip-boy, like I used to have." Everything else is pretty much covered.

So... yeah... Fallout 4... is uh, good. IMO {XD

You can buy the "Fallout 4 Season Pass" on the marketplace.

"Adventure Time: Jake and Finn Investigations" has a better and more consistent frame rate.

Ah two sentences in response, from the guy who apparently plays most games for an hour or three, then gives his extensive views on their overall content. Good oh. lol

The season pass doesn't come with any promises of 'extra', or 'bonus', or 'exclusive'. It's just a cheaper means of buying future content. Or not. You can just buy future content. With the record set with a free mobile game in Fallout Shelter, no pandering to retailers with bonuses, an extensive history of mod support, and mod support planned for the title... I tend to trust BGS over, say, EA studios, or 2K studios, or Warner studios... et al.

Didn't have a problem with framerate. Played it for more than an hour or three before forming an opinion, and dropping it to write a review. {XD

[quote user="Argontheos"]

Ah two sentences in response, from the guy who apparently plays most games for an hour or three, then gives his extensive views on their overall content. Good oh. lol

Didn't have a problem with framerate. Played it for more than an hour or three before forming an opinion, and dropping it to write a review. {XD


Looks like we're both smiling because in the 3 hours you claim I've spent in game I came out with achievements it took you DAYS to get.

It's a good game but people are generally acknowledging that it falls short of expectations even if you're not prepared to do so yourself.

It's precisely because we used to be able to trust Bethesda to deliver a quality product in the first place that this sticks out all the more like a bit of a sore thumb.

Stick your head in the sand if it helps but the game falls short of expectations.

I've finished the game. Thrice! You remember games have endings and stuff, right? I jest. Maybe I built a settlement close to the size of Megaton from Fallout 3 in the time you were pinging some achievements? {=D As I alluded to in my last post... there are many ways to play this game. Many distractions. I didn't, mind you, but it's pretty frickin' big.

We're not all hung up on NPC's not waving their hands in conversations, when there are thousands of NPC's to interact with. [Hell people I encounter in real life don't gestate like Piper was doing outside of Diamond City] NPC animation, for NPCs not just in dialogue, but in who you can kill, and maim, and whose heads you can place on nearby shelves if you feel like it. Pretty much everybody.

My last post was in reference to your recommendations of other games you haven't experienced fully. However glowing your comments. Not Fallout 4. I dunno, like Alien Isolation?

Stick your head in the sand if you like, but Fallout 4 met my, and I suspect many other gamers' expectations. It can only improve with more official content, and then... mods, a first for the platform when it arrives. For a game already offering more content than rival titles, that's awesome. So awesome it can't be dismissed in two sentences about a season pass and framerate.

It's odd that you think because it didn't meet your expectations, whatever they were, that that's the global consesus. {=D It didn't meet yours and that's cool. Dial them back in future. Because... man. ***. FO4 is no slouch. Heh ha. I don't expect extensive mo-cap in dialogue in a RPG with so many options, and so much player freedom it beggars belief.

Praise Crystal Dynamics all you like, I'm sure RotTR is excellent, I intend to pick it up... but you can mo-cap the hell out of your characters, have them all dancing beautifully, when you're working with a small cast, and the player's hands are tied in a cinematic experience. A player can't leave dialogue at any time, whip out a Super Sledge, and knock that mo-capped character into the stratosphere. Then drop a teddy on the spot the epic hit took place, and a cigar - to mark it for all time with the teddy holding the cigar, as the location of the infamous Super Sledge Space Program Incident. {XD

The Witcher 3 for me. I've never seen so much content packed inside a game yet. I haven't played FO4 yet though.


Definately worth picking up and playing.

Argontheos romanticises and hyperbolises the games strengths while completely overlooking and forgiving the games shortcomings, faults and flaws.

It's not unlike "Bioshock: Infinite" which started with all the splendour of a Disney feature film in the Cinema and was a beauty to behold... but didn't stay consistent and by the time you got to the slums had some of the muddiest textures known to video games.

I suppose you can trust that someone with the full 1000 gamer in a title can honestly say that they've played it but doing so in a 2 week rush, guide or no guide, that's not going to be the perspective of a normal gamer.

But at the end of the day who cares what I think.  I can't tell someone else what their favourite game is.

Argo loves it and has some great reasons for doing so.

I do love it and it is my new fave game so I am totally, unashamedly biased. lol Also cognisant of the fact that I can write reams of positives about something online, and one negative thing, and people will hang onto the negative thing like it's a respawning dancing chocolate cake topped with awesomecream.

I wouldn't hint that two weeks of gaming is a potential rush, mind you. My stats for my main character:

Time on last save: 7d 3h 49m... yes... seven days, three hours, forty-nine minutes of exploring, hacking [101], lock-picking [213], reverse pick-pocketing, allying with settlers, kitting out settlers with gear I've looted off of enemies, building settlements, establishing trade routes, kitting out provisioners with epic gear, listening to holotapes, playing the Pipfall hologame and wishing it was longer, collecting mags and comics...

... and at one point I tried setting up a shopping cart behind a Raider, and then went around the front and tried to shoot him into it, with the stealth criticals at 3.5x they can fly from a shotgun blast... he totally didn't land in the cart, but it could have been awesome~!

Quests Completed: 98

Misc Objectives: 53

Main Quests: 13

Side Quests: 26

Brotherhood Quests: 22

Institute Quests: 1

Minutemen Quests: 21

Railroad Quests: 9

locations discovered: 266

locations cleared: 98

Days passed in-game: 271

People killed: 859

Animals killed: 193

Creatures killed: 1182

Xbox One stats across two and half characters [one guy is just a low level mayor build]:

Time played: 9d 7h 18m [not all of that is playing, some of it is just the game at the menu, or paused, while I'm doing other stuff... like handstands.]

Game progress: 100%

Quests Completed: 98

level reached: 59

loacations discovered: 266

I didn't look at single spoilerific thing until I finished the game. Including game guides. I found like, seven bobbleheads naturally, I came within feet of some of them, I discovered later. When I figured nothing could be spoiled for me after finishing the game, I used a online bobblehead guide, and read a thing about the settlement achievement that is just totally borked.. {=D

Does the game have problems? Well, that's a question like, "Will my toddler get hurt at a giant ball park like Big Fun?" Yes... it depends what your toddler does. Other games, that aren't like FO4, are rooms with cushions covering the edges, select toys for the toddler to interact with, and limited things the toddler can do. Big Fun though... the kid can go anywhere and do anything, so it's hard to totally child proof. Not that you'd want to. I can forgive some bumps and bruises if the payoff is total freedom with more to do, see, experience etc. =)

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