Mosh Pit

Where did Mosh Pit go?

That was my favourite.


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i know it was my favorite too, but not enough people played it, now they replaced it with dumb drop zone. shame.............

W-w-w-what? They removed Mosh Pit? But it was all I played!! :(

Well I can't find it. It was the only thing I played really as well. Back to BF3 it is then.

You can play barebones. No killstreaks but it is like mosh pit, it has tdm, kc, and dom.

It was my favourite too. Absolutely loved it. I've resorted to playing Mercenary. It's a mix of TDM, Kill Confirmed and Domination.

but moshpit had all objective modes not just three.   moshpit had more players than barebones but still, they removed mosh pit..  can't IW do anything right??

Mosh pit? It's normally in the middle of the venue.