Attention Mortal Kombat Fans. Do you Have an XBOX 360, and is hoping for Mortal Kombat X to come out  on the XBOX 360. If you are! please I like to hear from you and voice your thoughts hear about it. NetherRealm Studios had said in the beginning that it was not coming out for 2 platforms one of those being the XBOX 360. Than they said because of Mortal Kombat X doing so well on 2 other platforms one of them being the XBOX ONE than they said that they were going to release Mortal Kombat X for the 2 platforms one of them being the XBOX 360. Now they are saying that it is not coming out for the 2 platforms one of them being the XBOX 360. What do you think of this Controversial. Do you think it should be on the XBOX 360 or no? Give me your opinion on this post.  


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I think as the consumer they would at least give us the option to down load it if they didn't want to do a mass production of the game. For reason like me just an example I have been waiting for this game to come out forever. I have a PS3 and when I found out they canceled the game for that system I went out and bought a XBOX 360 and now they turned around and canceled that as well. Sucks........ COME ON MICROSOFT MAKE IT AN OPTION FOR US TO DOWNLOAD IT TO OLDER SYSTEM OR A LIMITED EDITION BUY FOR US MORTAL KOMBAT FANS!!!!!!!!!

Its not Microsoft, its was Nether Realm & the company they were using the port the game over to the two older systems, after delaying the game they announced that they could not get the game running in a way they thought would be fair to the fans on the older systems, they said it was laggy and very unresponsive & they didnt want that to be the product they put out compared to how the game plays on the One..