Mortal Kombat Kollection issues?

Post any issues you might have experienced here.

 Anyone else having issues with audio? I don't think it is so much a problem or glitch as it is just programmed that way but for Mortal Kombat II and Specially UMK3 the music is muffled and low and the voices seem loud. I think this was also in the release on the MAT2 Disc years back. Why didn't they fix it up for this version? Figured they would have.... Anyone else notice this too?

 Also in the first MK on Goro's lair the music seems to just stop. Again I think this is a coding problem. Not sure.

 So anyone else have these issues too?


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There weren't many sounds to begin with for characters being hit or tripped. I don't see the problem there. As for the AI walking towards you? It happens. The AI is reactionary, not their own actual AI. It starts of with basics then moves up towards more advanced moves and such as your progress along the ladder. It's annoying, having it read your input, but all fighting games are pretty much the same in that aspect. I don't play Liu, so I'm unsure about the time but make sure your input lag isn't messing you up. I think you can even set it in the options menu. It isn't necessarily an import of the arcade titles. It's emulations of such and there are always bound to be bugs in some manner through import, emulation, regular design, and so on.

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Only problem i have is in MK2. When i play on the ladder soon as i get past the 4th person the cpu seem to have perfect timing and the only way i can possibly win is to spam sweep moves and hope to get lucky.(iv'e had an easier time trying to beat challenge tower 300, then beating the ladder in this version of mk 2). Ive been pretty good at Mortal kombat games and actually beat MK 1,2,3 for the sega genisis and never had this hard of time beating 1 ladder. other then that i love the remake.(also i had the same problem with goro's lair)


The reason you had no problems on the console versions compared to this version is because this is an Arcade version. Remember this is all about taking your quarters. So the A.I is ridiculously cheap at times. It's pretty bad...

 Home consoles were leveled out better and toned done quite a bit.

I think you meant a 'patch' is in the works.

Yeah it seems more like a port of the version that ended up on MAT2. But what I don't understand is they put a bunch of new filters and options like cabinet view for the game... but didn't touch the audio? Why not?

I'm not trying to complain because we are getting 3 great games for only $10. So I'll deal with it... just would have been nice to have crisp deep music like I remember in the arcades and not this muffled stuff...  

Hey, I just started a thread about this but I'll ask it here: Does the arcade collection show up in anyone's Game Library as Mortal Kombat 2011?

The AI has always been cheap at a certain point in any of the mortal combat games, regardless if home or coin-op. I think after the 4th opponent, they will get into more advanced moves and throwing you if you duck to uppercut. It was always like that for me when I played on the snes and MK2.

I could care less about ranking. I much rather just enjoy playing against friends.

According to the official Mortal Kombat Facebook page, a page is in the works.


You DO realise you have to enter it on TWO Controllers right? Yup...

The difficulty on this game is outrageous!!! I was playing on Easy and it took me forever to beat shang tsung with subzero.  This game is no joke.   On Mortal Kombat 2 I played on Very Easy and got to the second character on the ladder before i decided to quit.

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