Mortal Kombat 9 - Need some mates...

Hello fellow gamers...

I've just realized I got pretty much nobody to play mk with. I probably won't be able to get friends online because I dont use mic. I know that a lot of people say online sucks, but MK without online isn't MK at all. I'm pretty rubbish at MK9, was used to the old engine from MK:DA,MKD and MKA...
Please don't post if you got like 300 wins or something, I don't want to get raped each time I play, lol.
So yeah...I guess I should try making a topic here and wait for some peeps.

European Gamers would be best....
Country: Portugal
Time zone: GMT (Lisbon)
My gender: Male
Characters I play with: Pretty much all male characters (don't like playing the same thing all the time and don't like the female characters much)
Extra info: I can play almost every day, specially at night time. I'm a pretty relaxed guy so I don't rage or spam messages like "ASUSDUFHUDHFAUGHUGHDUGNOOBOMFG".

If I get enough people [we] could also form a MK clan/team for the fun of it.

(side note: I've also posted a topic similar to this one in MK's official board )


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alright mate i need a few MK buddys myself. Send me a friend request if ya fancy it. From the UK btw.

While im talking about it, why not check out, great little community for various games.

Nice, added.

Hi, i would like to play with you, i just purchased my 360,again. I havent bought Mk yet, but plan on doing so around first week of June.


Cool man, accepted your friend request. Where are you from btw?