Mortal Kombat 9 Aussie Question

Hopefully someone can help me out before this thread gets locked or deleted

Heya's. I am getting MK9 from Amazon, but was wondering how would I get the online pass to work? I assume I would need a US account?

And in regards to DLC (so can't wait for Skarlet), if I were to buy a US points card and download the DLC to my US account, is there a way to then play the game and DLC on my actual Aussie account?


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You don't need an American account to play American games.  You need an NTSC-U X360 in order to play it.  Australia X360's are PAL format, not NTSC, so the game will not work.  If you are to buy the game overseas, get it from UK.  Places like Zavvi, Ozgameshop, 365 Games, or Amazon UK are where you should get it, not a US store.


The Online pass should work in any region, so you shouldn't have a problem with that.  And what you said about the DLC is right, although it should be a UK account, not a US one, for the reason I explained above.


Be aware that customs can confiscate the game if they find you importing it.  I haven't heard of it actually happening to anyone, but it is possible.


Alternately, you could wait until next month to see how the changes to the classification guidelines works out at the Standing Committees Attorney General's meeting  PDF Document.  If it goes through, you won't have to import it.

The US version of MK9 is region free...and is only $39us atm from Amazon...which with my current DVD order gives it essentially free shipping, and therefore works out to be cheaper to get from the US then from the UK.

God bless the Aussie dollar atm

 Also, given DoA: Dimensions on 3DS is now being pulled from the shelves here in Aus due to issues with panty shots, I am not holding my breath on MK getting released here any time soon


EDIT: Amazon UK don't ship games to Australia.

If the game is region free, then go for it.  Does Amazon ship to Australia?  I tried to get something from them about a year ago, and they wouldn't ship it here.