Morrowind for XBLA

I don't know if this had been posted or not but I don't the patience to sift through all of the threads.

I would very much like to see The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. A friend of mine has/had the game he told me to play it and I enjoyed it a lot.

No need for and overhaul just sell it as is (with it's expansions if possible). and I don't care if there are achievements or not.

The only thing that I would like different is to be able to chat with my friends while playing Morrowind.

Please reply if you agree and maybe this could get noticed by Microsoft and Bethesda.


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It would be nice to see it come back, but with the attention on Skyrim I highly doubt they will ever go back to the older games.

hook up an original xbox and get the game, you can have both consoles plugged in at once unless you are using SD tv.

Even most SD TVs have more than one set of ports, and Morrowind works on the 360, if I'm not mistaken.

I wouldn't mind trying Morrowind one day as I can't believe I missed this game when I had the Xbox.

Unfortunately Microsoft have stopped releasing original Xbox games on the Marketplace.  You're better off buying the PC version; any PC will almost certainly be able to run it, and you have the option of running mods (some of which are fantastic)

I have a copy of "Morrowind: Game Of The Year Edition" for the original XBox.


It's an amazing game.  One that I picked up on a whim when I saw it in Toys R Us of all places...


I sat down at 6:30 and started playing.  A little later I wondered what time it was... 03:30 the next morning!!!


I had been gaming for 9 hours and never even realised.  It was that good when it came out.


Nowadays though you'll be put off by the lack of Widescreen support, the slow pace of movement compared to other games, the graphics compared to other games, the fact that you're dialogue is text based instead of spoken.


Yet within this game are some absolutely amazing gems of wonder and amazement.


Mark and Recall spells!  You just placed the "Mark" spell in a safe place and if you ever needed to get the heck out of there (or your character got stuck in the scenery) you just used the "Recall" spell to teleport you to the spot the "Mark" spell was originally cast.


Levitation was AMAZING.  The towers in the Telvanni Mages have no stairs so that the Wizards are never bothered by anyone unworthy of their magic.


The only way up was to levitate.


What an amazing game. 


Would be nice if it came to LIVE Arcade but unlikely.



Stupid idea. It's not needed. If we need to revisit Morrowind in any way, it needs to be in a new future game, or as Downloadable Content for Skyrim(and we've already gotten that....kind of)

@the1337gamer -- He specified he would like to talk to his xbox friends while playing, hence him asking for it to be released on the arcade.


@OP -- If you can find the GOTY edition of Morrowind for xbox, you can play it on your 360.  It's one of the games that are compatible.

It is a bit of a head ache mind you, the original xbox version. It's well worth it if you dont have a PC to play it on but for the love of god try to get it for the PC, if you can, that is...


But they do need to get this game on Live I agree. infact, they need to get quite a few classic xbox games on Live. Microsoft seem to be going the way of sony when it comes to getting their classics on Live, as in, where are they then??


project zero, anyone?

Baldurs Gate?

Etc, etc..

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