Mores Mutual wont give me my car in Gta 5

He's my issue I have a classic car in GTA 5 it modeled after a Chevy belair I don't remember what the GTA name is. When I was on a mission the car went into the ocean and got destroyed. (the car is fully insured) when I called mores mutual there is no answer. And when I call my mechanic it says the car is destroyed and does not appear in my garage ether. Advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I had the same thing happen to my Stinger GT. I sent Rockstar a message on their support, still no reply though.

It may take them a couple weeks to repond. They've been roughly that slow with me since launch.

had a bike go mission right after buying before I could pay insurance, only had tracker, thought it was long gone, it showed up next day back in my garage.

Some cars have been missing in garages. If you pull the last car you used out and then back in your vehicle will appear.

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You can contact Rockstar Games Technical Phone Support by clicking the link below.  :-)